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Suzanne Morris

HR Manager - UK

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My venture into the world of Human Resources began in 1998, within the financial services industry. Having studied for my CIPD qualification, I decided that HR was the vocation to follow. However, I wanted to work for an organisation where I could really get involved and make a contribution to the success of the business. It was important to me that my role be truly generalist, varied, interesting and challenging. The culture and essence of the company were also significant factors. PTS was the right choice for me.
‘People’ is our number one company value and since joining PTS in 2007, I am delighted and honoured to be working with such a friendly, knowledgeable, interesting, supportive and diverse group of people as my colleagues. Every day for me is different and is a constant journey of learning. I have upgraded my CIPD status to Fellowship through my experience with PTS but there is always something new on the horizon and this is what I look forward to.
At PTS, we constantly review the way we work and we look to find ways of improving the things we do; the way we communicate. We are not afraid of challenging our own systems in order to make progress and achieve greater success for our clients, our colleagues and for ourselves. PTS Group is a global organisation and the next few years will be exciting as we find ways to improve the way we operate and share experiences on a global level.
The highlight at PTS for me is the relationship that HR has built with the business and the close partnership it maintains on an individual basis as well as at a strategic level. It works extremely well and I’m proud to be part of the PTS team.