PTS Consulting®

Stephen Flaim

Based in New York

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I chose PTS for several reasons. First, the firm has a global footprint and is 400 people strong - all the benefits of working for a bona fide corporation - yet is small enough to be nimble and for an individual to make a real difference. Second, my role has an element of regional responsibility, which allows me to spend more time at home than in previous roles, but also has a global element, which provides me with an opportunity to make an even greater contribution.
What I like best about PTS is its culture and its people. Our culture demands the best from our people but in a supportive and collaborative way. Second, our people are top quartile IT specialists in the professional environment and are also people with whom I like spending time after work.
Since I joined the firm in 2008, we have collectively made great strides in growing and developing a better balanced business. As a Group, we continued to grow every year, even through the recession. In the Americas, we've doubled in size in the last four years, have expanded our service line and geographic footprint and have built a platform for continued rapid growth. There are truly exciting times ahead.
As we embark on our journey into Phase IV of our development - to exploit our global footprint - much emphasis will be placed on global collaboration and communication. Many firms profess to be global, but few achieve the benefits of being global. In our case, it's about being able to provide consistent, high quality service to our clients with a multinational presence. Whether it's a large global bank deploying new technology to all trading floors around the world, or a small hedge fund in NY opening offices in London and Hong Kong, PTS are positioned to provide a single point of accountability whilst delivering a global service.