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Roger Myers

Senior Project Manager - UK

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As a Senior Project Manager, I specialise in large office relocations and have been responsible for the delivery of more than 100 prestigious IT relocation projects in Europe and Asia.
I started with PTS in 1988. In that time, I have been a Voice and Infrastructure Consultant and have spent more than 30 years in all aspects of IT Project Management implementation. I am well known in the IT and construction industry and have built a reputation for being deeply knowledgeable on IT project and technical delivery.
My longest project engagement lasted four and a half years with The City of London Corporation and I have worked for household names such as Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, the Premier League, Johnson & Johnson and Barclays.
I am great believer in encouraging young people into our business and take great interest in mentoring our PTS Academy trainees by giving them exposure to my “live” projects, client senior management and members of the Construction and Professional Design Team.
PTS is proud of its employees and we are proud to be part of PTS. Everyone takes pride and satisfaction in the “finished result” and this is reflected in PTS core values, Independence, Professionalism and Quality of Service.
While relocation projects are hugely satisfying and often rewarded when the Client openly recognises you have been influential in making the project successful, they are hard work. But the sheer variety of project engagements keeps me as enthusiastic today as it did on very first day with PTS in 1988. That and a sense of reality and humour!