PTS Consulting®

Peter Standring

Principal Consultant

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Prior to working for PTS, I was at a network and cabling manufacturer running pre- and post-sales support. Through a couple of happy coincidences I spoke with PTS, who suggested it might be fun to “do some networking stuff”. They were right, it is fun.
19 years on at PTS and I have some wonderful memories. I’ll always remember the first project I owned from start to finish. Working with City University is also memorable as it was the first of PTS’ university clients. Other highlights include the move to our current office at 60 New Broad Street, as well as the early days of setting up the Tokyo office. Most importantly, I have fond memories of all the people I have recruited whilst at PTS.
Things have certainly changed over this time period. Stating the obvious, it’s much bigger and we have a global footprint. We now have 4 offices in the UK alone, quite a change from everyone in 3 floors of one building. As we continue to evolve and expand, the number of market sectors and services that we now talk of as being ‘part of what we do’ were just aspirational 15 years ago.
Many things have changed for on a personal level too. I found my feet as a Consultant / Project Manager, helping to win and deliver work in the Infrastructure and Networking teams. As we grew, we added the Computer Solutions, then Enterprise now Business systems capabilities bringing complexity and opening up opportunities. Helping to establish the overseas offices meant thinking more broadly, but in the end, looking after the client and delivering above their expectation, spotting and converting opportunities into work and developing our services and people is still the core of what I do.
There are a whole host of reasons why I enjoy working at PTS; the diversity, the clients, the culture and the PTS people. As an organisation we are able to make a difference through all levels of the delivery and commercial activity.
As a team player over the years, I hope I have played my part in winning and delivering some of our milestone projects, identifying and mentoring PTS people and helping to develop our services. I’m looking forward to the next 15 years!