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Nick Eagles

Project Manager - UK

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I am a senior Project Manager based in the PTS London office and work predominantly on managing IT infrastructure fit-outs and people migrations to these spaces. Prior to my time with PTS I gained my experience working for real time Data Service Providers and financial institutions in a variety of Project and Service Management roles.
I work on a variety of the Client engagements, with some only lasting a number of weeks to some, like the one I have just completed, running for over a year. Boredom is never an issue and I am always kept on my toes with something new and interesting waiting round the corner
During my time here I have always found a very strong Project Delivery ethos within PTS, with all staff pulling in the same direction. It makes my job of delivering projects much easier.
It’s good to see that the more experienced members of staff are actively encouraged to coach and mentor others within their teams or working on their projects. This ethos is what makes the PTS Academy programme so successful; it has been running for a number of years now and has allowed home grown talent to rise through the company.
Consultancy work will never be easy as you are expected to be up to speed with any engagement from day one. But it is always satisfying, especially when the Client tells you that your involvement has made a real difference. That’s why I enjoy working in this environment.