PTS Consulting®

Ian Noble

Director and Founder

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The thing I enjoy most about being at PTS (25 years now) is having the ability to influence and contribute to its success and the success of its clients’ businesses. It is also a great working environment that demands innovative and creative thinking with a wrap of rigour and diligence; a perfect recipe to manage risk in a fast changing market.
The influence of PTS on its clients’ initiatives is significant and ensures that the business always has fit for purpose processes, IT infrastructure and services to support creative and collaborative communication without unnecessary over-engineering and spend.
However, you can’t rest on your laurels and keeping up with the workplace and roadmaps for technology developments means constant change and risk for our clients for PTS to manage.
Despite the longevity of my tenure at PTS, I am as enthusiastic and as passionate as ever to assist our clients with their challenges, which thankfully evolve and change at an alarming rate to keep it interesting!