PTS Consulting®

George Leung

Head of Managed Services - Singapore

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My first impression of PTS back in 2007 was of a global organisation that delivered excellence in Project Management. PTS was a competitor at the time but I was impressed by its quality, and began wondering if there would be an opportunity to work with the company.
I was invited to join PTS in 2012 to develop the Managed Services business in Singapore, which was a critical milestone in my career by changing my role from service delivery manager to a sales professional, where now I am running Managed Services as a business unit. Changing roles is always challenging but the experience has been invaluable. PTS has a great platform for people to develop their career, and I find PTS’s working environment is very enjoyable.
Aiming at providing the highest quality of services to my clients, I find PTS has the same mission. Though I am based in Singapore, I have the chance to collaborate with colleagues and clients across the world.
With the people, framework and value that PTS possess, competitors on the market may find that PTS’s core values are difficult to replicate.