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Working at PTS

Key Benefits

Work with globally recognised clients. Take on real responsibility from day one. Witness the benefits from the contributions that you've made. These are just some of the things that make working at PTS so rewarding.
At PTS you take full control of your career.
Training and Development
Be challenged on our eight-week Academy programme and gain maximum exposure across our entire business. Build your experience, and put to practice, what you've learned through a ten-month rotation of the key business and technical streams, whilst working alongside senior Consultants and subject matter experts. You will then be given free rein and support to excel through any of our business units.
With a presence in ten countries across three continents, PTS is truly a global company. You'll be surprised by the opportunities to travel, and for those looking for a jet-set career, PTS encourages employee mobility.

Training and Development

Academy recruits will undergo a comprehensive induction programme that aims to provide a complete overview of the PTS business, including key strengths, services, history and strategic direction. This understanding is crucial to the future growth of the business, and gives recruits the skills, connections and knowledge to succeed.
The diverse programme is run by our senior Consultants and the Management Team, as well as by external parties and institutions to give the recruits a taste of the Group’s diversity and prepare them for future challenges.
During the eight weeks, the recruits are given a unique chance to experience the mindset of Consultants, leaders in business and subject matter experts working at the forefront of the latest technology trends and IT developments. Ultimately, this process is the first step in moulding the recruits into outstanding Consultants of the future.
Career Development
Training doesn’t end with the Academy - it just begins. The competency profiling system at PTS has been designed to allow ability and drive to shine through.
The competency profiling system provides support to Academy recruits and managers throughout their careers. For every individual en route to becoming a Principal Consultant or an executive position, there are four competency grades to pass through: from C1.a to C4.b.
Graduates leave the Academy programme at the C1.a level, and advance as their skills improve. Advancement from C1.a to C4.b covers a complete ten-year career, from fresh employee to subject matter expert.
Personal Qualifications
Expertise is one of our core values, and your professional development if important to us. We offer the following to all Academy recruits:

  • Relevant and industry-recognised professional certifications, such as Prince2, ITIL, and CAPM
  • Enrolment in the Chartered Management Institute programme, with the ultimate aim for recruits to become Chartered Managers
  • Provision of funding for additional courses for gaining further skills relevant for your chosen role in the business

Mentoring Programme
Once the eight week training programme is completed, new recruits will have the option of joining the PTS mentoring programme. Many mentors have themselves been through the Academy programme, and draw on their own experiences to support and guide with understanding and empathy. Members of senior management also participate in the programme, which helps to sharpen the vision and broaden the horizon of the trainees. This mentorship, with a personal touch, aims to further enhance the guidance and support given to the trainees throughout their career at PTS.

Corporate Culture and Diversity

PTS firmly believes that a company’s values drive the workplace and define business interactions. As a firm with offices and employees across the globe, PTS has embraced a set of core values to unify a widely diverse workforce.

People- Providing a supportive environment to allow working relationships to flourish
Expertise- The ability and professionalism to deliver today whilst evolving for tomorrow
Trust- Openness and honesty in everything that we do
Diversity- Nurturing the value of difference
Success- Achieving results individually and collectively

For more information about diversity and environmental initiatives, see our responsible business page.

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