PTS Consulting®

The Recruitment Process

How To Apply

The next PTS Academy Programme will start towards the end of September 2015. Applications are now open globally until 30th June 2015. Please be aware that positions are limited, so applying early is advisable.

To apply, simply submit a CV and a cover letter (in English) to Please state clearly the office to which you would like to apply and whether you have the legal right to work in your chosen location. Within your cover letter, please include reasons as to why you would like to join PTS and why you are the ideal candidate for the Academy.

Due to the high volume of applicants, it is important that all applications are submitted with the required documentation. Both a CV and a cover letter must be included for applications to be considered.

Careers Fairs

We will be announcing further updates throughout the year so place come back and check at a later date.

The Ideal PTS Candidate

The ideal PTS candidate has integrity and superb analytical skills, and embodies PTS' core values: People, Trust, Diversity, Expertise and Success. Candidates should be highly motivated, striving continuously to better themselves and focus on delivering exceptional results from challenging tasks. Furthermore, ideal candidates possess comprehensive verbal and written skills, in addition to leadership acumen.

Though all are welcome to apply, PTS highly values the critical thinking and problem solving skills developed in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • Economics and Finance
  • Computer Science
  • Business and Management

If you are naturally curious, analytical and quick to learn, we can encourage you to apply regardless of academic background.

Tips for Applicants

We would like to see graduates succeed, regardless whether with PTS or other firms. Accordingly, graduates should keep the following tips in mind during the application process of their career search:

  • Your CV is a professional document that reflects the quality of your work, in addition to your experience. It should be free from spelling and grammatical errors, and use thoughtful formatting to highlight your major experiences.
  • Your cover letter should show careful consideration of the prompts and demonstrate your written communication skills. Like your CV, it should be treated as a professional document. There should be no errors, and writing should be focused and concise.
  • Interviews are an opportunity to make an impression and illustrate how you conduct yourself. Be sure to attend the interview in appropriate business attire and observe local customs and manners.
  • Prepare for interviews! Applicants should learn as much about firms to which they apply, and be prepared to speak about how their skills fit into the organisation. As such, applicants to PTS should familiarise themselves with our service offerings, read case studies of previous work and have an understanding of our clients and market sectors. Furthermore, applicants should review their skills in advance and develop talking points around how their skills fit with the business.

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