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PTS Academy 8: A Retrospective

John Donnelly

What attracted you to the PTS Academy scheme?

Mark Roberts (MR) - "In a chance meeting at Heriot Watt’s graduate careers fair I was extremely impressed with the Academy offering for two main reasons. Firstly, it offered an intensive introduction to PTS as a company, what they did, where they are going and the employees who would become colleagues. This was a large attraction as it would speed up my integration into the company and allow me to settle a lot quicker. More importantly, PTS offered a career based on meritocratic progression rather than the usual two year graduate programme with a review before any permanent contract was discussed. This was a huge draw as I would not only feel more secure within the role, but work hard to improve and advance within PTS as a result."

John Donnelly (JD) - "When I began my search for a permanent position following my studies at college I found that the majority of companies offered two to three year Leadership Development Programmes which included minimal training and various relocations. What was unique about the PTS Academy – and what attracted me to the programme – was the clear opportunity to develop in my career, whereas other graduate programmes seemed unreliable and unclear in the path its graduates would take."

"I was reluctant to be pigeon holed into a very specific discipline too soon. The PTS Academy seemed to offer the variety that I was looking for; to broaden my expertise and experience both in engineering and business related fields."

Mark Roberts

What have been the highlights of the Academy?
MR - "The Academy definitely delivered the eight week intensive training that was promised during the recruitment process with many presentations about PTS from general to specific. It was a chance to see how the company operates, what they specifically do and how we can be a part of that in the future. While all this was useful, my personal highlight was the response to our Academy presentation. Having spent the last eight weeks researching the area we had been given and documenting our findings, we gave a presentation of the highlights and recommendations to senior figures in the company. It was not only hugely satisfying when the response was positive, but the fact that people have already started to contact us on how these could be implemented within PTS proves that the project was not just a learning exercise and could actually be used to benefit PTS in the future."
JD - "Being able to to shadow Consultants that were truly experts in their field and experience what it means to be an IT Consultant was a particular highlight. I learnt a great deal through these one-on-one interactions, which included going on site to clients and dealing with the day-to-day operations of a project. The ability to work directly with PTS consultants and external clients on business critical projects is an experience that few other companies can provide for recent graduates."
"What truly surprised me the most about the Academy was the willingness and enthusiasm of the staff to provide help and guidance during my eight weeks as well as the level of respect and mutual consideration I received even as a new employee."
"The Academy provided the optimum balance between freedom and structure that new graduates need for success in the marketplace, improving both my technical expertise and my ability to interact and work successfully with clients."

What are you looking forward to in your career at PTS?
MR - "Following from my Academy highlight, I am looking forward to getting involved with implementing some of our recommendations with the assistance from relevant individuals within PTS. Having put the work into researching and forming these as part of our project, it would be very satisfying to be part of anything that is done as an outcome from this. Secondly, it will be very interesting to get involved with some of the new service lines being put forward by the Business Transformation and Change team. This is a very exciting area for me anyway, but I believe that being involved with something like this at an early stage would be very beneficial, both educationally and in career terms. Overall, I am simply looking forward to learning from the hugely knowledgeable base of employees and developing as a technology Consultant to become a useful asset to PTS and reward their investment accordingly."
JD - "Now that I have completed the Academy I am looking forward to applying what I have learnt during these past eight weeks on actual projects. The confidence I have been given thanks to the graduate programme means that I can now contribute positively and significantly to the projects I always hoped I would be involved with. Equally I am excited about working with the Consultants with which I have developed such close relationships throughout the programme and nurturing those professional and personal connections."
"Ultimately, the Academy experience is what you make of it. If you are willing to dedicate the time and effort into your professional and personal development, PTS will be there to support you along the way."



Other Testimonials

The Academy was instrumental in helping hone my business consulting skills, learning the PTS suite of services, and understanding the holistic company background and future vision. It also provided invaluable face-time and interaction with company executives, Principal Consultants, and Account Managers allowing me to better understand PTS’ capabilities and utilise its global network of resources once I returned to New York. Importantly, I gained a better understanding of the Clients and industry relationships present in the Technology Consulting world, which will help me in my career.”Mark Egan / PTS Academy 2010

The Academy programme has been a veritable launch pad into life at PTS. We’ve had insights into all aspects of the company, an internal project to get our teeth into and a week shadowing consultants to give us the buzz of being on client site. The two months have really flown by. There have been several highlights on a personal level. It has been a breath of fresh air to work with peers from all corners of the world. I’ve also had the opportunity to enhance my presentation skills, add to my qualifications with the Prince2 and ITIL v3 exams, and pick the brains of the PTS staff on any subject on anything from Group strategy to anti-virus software. The Academy members have very much appreciated the effort that has been invested into the last 8 weeks. The record turn-out for our first company introduction and presentation set the tone, and since then everyone has been willing to set aside time to help and mentor us, without exception. This has equipped us with a great base of knowledge and understanding of the company itself, and has helped to instil in us a sense of enthusiasm for the coming months and years at PTS."Mark Perrett / PTS Academy 2010


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