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Application Queries

How many graduates will PTS recruit for this programme?Traditionally PTS has hired between six and eight individuals for our Academy each year, with recruits coming from throughout our global offices.
I did not study IT at university, will this affect my chances of getting onto the Academy Programme?There is no requirement for you to have studied a technical IT degree or equivalent. We welcome applications from all degree subjects. All we ask is that you are passionate about a career in IT and Consultancy, have natural ability and are driven to succeed.
What entry requirements are there, GCSE/A Levels/Degree (international equivalent)?We assess each candidate individually based on their experiences. We don’t believe it is fair to discriminate solely on grades and percentages. Strong academic ability is key, but it does not reflect all of an individual's capabilities.
I have no previous work experience or a related degree. Can I still apply?Yes, we judge each candidate separately. If you think you have what it takes to build a career at PTS, we’d like to hear from you.
What is your selection process like?Please see our recruitment process page for more details.
What are you looking for from my CV and covering letter?Please look at the Tips for applicants section on our recruitment process page for more details.

Application Process

Do you have specific start and end dates for applications?Current information about this year’s start and end dates can be found on the recruitment process page.
Will my application be processed by a machine or a person?Our dedicated team of staff in London assess each application personally, with care and diligence.
How long does the whole process take from when I apply?We aim to contact successful candidates within six weeks of their application being received.
When do I find out if I have been successful?We aim to let you know the outcome from any stage of the application process within two weeks.
I've been asked to attend an interview, how can I prepare?We have provided some tips on our recruitment process page to help you prepare for the interviews.
What should I wear to my interview?Smart professional dress is required.

I was not successful during the first round interview, can I get feedback?
Please contact our HR team and we will endeavour to give you the appropriate feedback.

Programme Details

When will the Academy programme start?The Academy programme usually begins towards the end of September.
How long will the programme last?The Academy programme begins with an eight-week induction course, and then continues in local offices for the following ten to 18 months. In the local offices, new hires will work with current staff to hone their skills and master PTS’s operations.
Will I have the opportunity to work in other countries?PTS strongly encourages employee mobility, and has a global network of offices that staff may be transferred to for as little as two weeks, to permanent relocation.
Will I have the opportunity to participate in any CSR initiatives at PTS?At PTS we are always open to suggestions and new ideas, especially from our employees. If there is something you want to get involved in or start up, we'll look to provide you with the support and resources you need to make it happen.
If I'm applying for a PTS office outside of the UK, will I receive expenses/ housing allowance for the duration of my Academy training?Successful overseas applicants into the Academy programme will be considered for financial support with living costs and accommodation during the eight week training period in London.
Can I apply for a specific PTS branch to be based at?If you meet all our requirements and if there is an opportunity at a particular office, then there is no reason why you cannot apply. We assess each case individually and this can be discussed upon application. UK and US recruits will be expected to be mobile throughout the country, while candidates from Asia-Pacific may be required to work in any one of our regional offices.


Do you have any opportunities for a summer internship?We are open to individual cases for internship opportunities. For more information, please contact us at
Do you have any opportunities for a year in industry?We are always keen to help university students working in any IT or business related field by providing our expertise.

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