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Built Environment Case Study

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PTS use Relocation experience and move management skills to ensure the Client successfully relocates to a new and iconic building

The Client:

Markel International is a global insurance company that looks after the commercial insurance needs of major businesses, SMEs, professionals and sole traders.

The Challenge:

Markel had recently procured new Data Centre facilities through PTS Consulting, and following this was looking for a new location in the City of London. Its new office would occupy the 25th, 26th and 27th floors of the iconic 20 Fenchurch Street building.
The objective was to create an attractive office environment that brokers would want to visit and experience over the Client’s competitors. Markel also wanted a future-proofed space, one that could accommodate the largest capacity of employees, through effective planning of the space. Finally, moving into the office before the January insurance renewal season was an absolute necessity.

The Solution:


Prior to the move, PTS attended regular workshops with Markel and the other parties involved with the relocation project to establish client requirements and formulate the delivery plan. This allowed PTS to develop familiarity with the core team involved, and integrate their wide service portfolio.
PTS managed the following workstreams for Markel International as part of the relocation programme:

Project Management
Through 30 years of experience, PTS has established a firm reputation as a ‘safe pair of hands’. During the Markel Relocation Project, PTS effectively merged with the delivery team, ensuring clear communication through the plethora of channels. However, PTS maintained enough distance to offer an independent perspective on the project scope and ongoing progress. Furthermore, a personalised service was delivered, maintaining high visibility on site throughout the duration of the project.
The logistics of the new build at 20 Fenchurch Street presented a challenge to the delivery of the project. Due to the approaching completion, there was a high volume of fit-out activity on all floors, PTS managed and negotiated the strong competition for space in the work lift. Combined with the widespread necessity for loading bays, and lorry lifts, PTS used effective communication processes to manage a high-pressure environment in a unique building, and successfully deliver within a narrow timeframe.
Supporting and enhancing Markel’s existing IT infrastructure formed an important part of the relocation project. The open layout of the new office lent itself well to the installation of a pervasive Wi-Fi network, ensuring that portable devices can maintain uninterrupted connectivity without compromising office mobility. In addition to this, PTS drew on previous experiences to assess where improvements could be made to the office operations, specific to the client. For Markel, this led to the standardisation of all workstation screens, as well as a follow-me printing system that simplified the process of printing highly confidential documents.
Audio Visual
PTS implemented strategies from vast experiences in the AV / Multimedia services, to create a distinct and dynamic experience for the workforce. Dynamic digital signage in the meeting rooms, which were named after Markel’s international branches, proved to be an effective way of highlighting Markel’s global presence in the market. This was achieved by minimum fifty inch screens in the rooms, using TriplePlay software to automatically display scenic views of the respective city in its current time zone, whenever the meeting room is unused. This was an asset relatively unprecedented in a corporate relocation, and demonstrates PTS Consulting’s ability to work alongside the client to innovate.
In addition to this, PTS used extensive knowledge of the AV industry to enhance Markel’s flexible working space. A digital room booking system was integrated into the plans, alongside the associated AMX panels. Cisco VM conferencing, and three demountable partition spaces with smart sensor technology to detect different configuration of room use, have resulted in effective working practices within the new Markel environment.
Integrated over the IP network, a robust CCTV was implemented to offer effective surveillance of the required spaces. Internally, PTS also handled the access card management systems to regulate which members of the Markel workforce have access to certain parts of the new site.

The Benefits:

Markel was able to utilise PTS Consulting’s wealth of experience in Corporate Relocations and Move Management to ensure that the migration was a smooth and efficient process. PTS Consulting’s ability to communicate across all levels of the program resulted in a seamless transition for Markel and its workforce. The finished space is luxurious on space; with the meeting rooms surrounding the core it allows for the windows to be accessible to the entire floor and to provide spectacular walk-around panoramic views across London. PTS Consulting’s planning helped to ensure the project came in on budget, and on time, benefiting Markel with a Business As Usual state leading into the January peak season.

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