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Nexus International School

Resourcing Case Study

Interim IT Management followed by recruitment of permanent IT professionals helps Nexus International School attain IT service excellence.

The Client:

Nexus International School, Singapore is more than just an international school. It is a place where young people come together to become global citizens of the future. It believes that the classroom is constantly evolving. Thus, it ensures that the latest teaching and learning methods together with state-of-the art technology are incorporated into its curriculum. The School takes great pride in challenging young minds and stimulating children's naturally inquisitive nature through acclaimed International curriculums. Actively embracing diversity, it encourages cultural assimilation between each student's individual ethnicity and history, and, their host country Singapore. The School offers wide, open spaces of lush greenery for its students, combined with state-of-the-art ICT facilities, swimming pool, football field, fully-equipped auditorium, well stocked library and cafeteria; it is primed for the child of the 21st century.

The Challenge:

The School was looking to improve the performance of its IT environment when the School's Director of Innovations was suddenly taken into long-term sick leave. PTS Consulting Group (PTS) was engaged by the Client to help oversee the School's immediate IT Service improvement and also to help establish the right environment to enable the School to successfully plan for the future.

The Solutions:

PTS provided an Interim IT Manager, who immediately set about addressing a number of issues:

  • Troubleshooting of an internal IT ticketing system for the School's IT helpdesk
  • Resolution of conflicts on the wireless network
  • Implementation of Active Directory across two IT networks- one for learners and one for teachers
  • Setting up of a campus wide print strategy
  • Set-up of a new wireless projector system
  • Day-to-Day 'break fix' support for all 400+ users
  • Implementation of a new finance system

Once the current performance had been stabilised and the ongoing business as usual operations were functioning smoothly, the PTS Resourcing team was then able to help define a new job description for an IT Manager role to manage the day-to-day environment moving forward. The PTS team undertook a candidate search and conducted pre-screening before presenting suitable CVs to the Client. The two CVs that PTS put forward resulted in both candidates being offered jobs at the School - one as IT Manager and another as Assistant IT Manager.
The Client was delighted with how quickly PTS was able to mobilise resources to support the management and improvement of IT delivery within the School and is confident that it is well-positioned to plan for its future growth and success.

The Benefits:

  • Immediate provision of PTS Consulting resource as Interim IT Manager
  • Management of BAU
  • Attainment of existing IT Service improvement objectives including: trouble shooting of the ticketing system; resolution of wireless network conflicts, implementation of active directory, set up of a new wireless projector system
  • Definition of new IT Manager job description and subsequent candidate pre-screening
  • Recruitment of two new permanent IT professionals
  • Client confidence about current performance and future direction of IT

The Verdict:

PTS sets ambitious targets for project delivery but they are targets that managers can rely on and work confidently towards."Dr Stuart Martin / Principal for Nexus international school

Dr Stuart Martin, Principal for Nexus International School commented:
"When we engaged PTS Consulting Group, there was a complex range of legacy issues to address and this was done without fuss and with a high degree of efficiency. Having agreed a set of what we considered to be highly ambitious targets for action, the PTS Consultant set about achieving the key deliverables with passion, drive and unrivaled organization. Once timelines had been established, they were rigorously adhered to and no deadlines were missed. Regular meetings allowed us to keep track of progress at all times and be aware of any issues. On the rare occasions that it appeared as though timelines may slip, due to almost impossible to foresee circumstances, PTS displayed a commendable attitude towards staying late or working weekends. PTS sets ambitious targets for project delivery but they are targets that managers can rely on and work confidently towards.
We found the PTS Consultant to be very knowledgeable technically. More importantly, in an industry where it is impossible to know everything, PTS displayed an impressive aptitude for thorough research and evaluation. All solutions proposed were supported by comprehensive evidence and justification. PTS' exhaustive research of appropriate technologies and solutions, combined with scrupulous vendor assessment and comparison means that our senior managers could have full confidence in the work, regardless of technical scope.

Our Director of IT has encountered a number of highly competent IT Professionals over a career spanning 20 years. He observed that a common failing amongst the best and most competent in the industry is that documentation supporting their work is often superficial, not fit-for-purpose or left incomplete at the end of a project; however for the PTS Consultant, this was one of his strengths. We have never seen such detailed and comprehensive documentation and he leaves a legacy in this area that will benefit our company for years to come.
Finally, it would be remiss of us to neglect to mention the PTS Consultant's personal attributes. Not only is he professional, committed, highly knowledgeable and very hard-working, he is a genuinely good-natured and amiable colleague. He is therefore able to build effective working relationships on a range of levels. Those that report to him feel motivated and valued, those that work with him feel part of a great team and senior managers are confident that critical tasks are being managed in a meticulous, cost-effective and timely manner. We would have no reservations about recommending PTS and would be happy to furnish further testimonial on request."

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