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PTS Resourcing aims to simplify its clients' recruitment experience by utilising its professional team's extensive knowledge of managing small to large-scale IT and executive recruitment campaigns, within a broad range of industry sectors. Whether the Client is seeking candidates for IT Infrastructure, Development, Project Management or niche business positions at the local, national or international level, we can provide an unparalleled service in terms of quality, scope and cost. PTS Resourcing works in close partnership with its clients, nurturing quality relationships to provide an enhanced level of service during all stages of the resourcing life cycle. As a result, we deliver a professional and flexible service, using a consultative approach, fully recognised by the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) in the UK, and by the relevant local legislation elsewhere, to understand the needs of the business.

Our Resourcing Services

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Permanent Resource

Through developed relationships and a clear understanding of every business, PTS has an exceptional record of delivering the permanent employees that clients find invaluable in their organisations. Due to our fully independent standpoint, PTS Resourcing is well positioned to help organisations realise their long-term recruitment strategies, and we work methodically to find the perfect synergy between the skills, locations, remuneration, personality, culture and goals of both candidates and organisations. Pre-screening all candidates to make the recruitment of permanent staff simpler, the PTS service frees businesses from unnecessary administration and empowers line managers to focus on what really matters - finding the right individual for each and every role.

Contract Resource

The nature of contract resources allows organisations to engage the very best talent quickly and easily, reducing risk to the business and providing an immediate solution to skill shortages. Using our unparalleled network of candidates with both typical and niche skill-sets, PTS ensures the best match between resources and the needs of any organisation. Our efficiency and depth of talent allow us to meet the typical urgency of contract requirements. As with our Permanent solution, all candidates are subject to pre-screening and thorough skills matching to ensure a full end-to-end service unrivaled in the challenging and fast-paced recruitment space.

Interim Resource

An interim resource may be required either on a planned or contingency basis to solve skills gaps in the short and medium terms, where there is an empty staff position arising from issues such as sickness, seasonal trends, or an inability to recruit. As with our contract and permanent approach, PTS Resourcing can help ensure continuity of operations for its clients by offering an exceptional candidate network that meets any business requirements either directly or through thoroughly vetted referrals.

Managed Resource

Once candidates are placed within an organisation, PTS can manage these resources on the client’s behalf to minimise administration overheads. Using PTS’ proprietary client engagement model called PACE (Project and Consulting Excellence), we will continually liaise with our clients to research, analyse and understand the organisation’s needs and ensure that appropriate action is taken to meet key business objectives. This will take the form of regular meetings with the client alongside careful performance monitoring of the employee(s) to ensure a consistent level of service and delivery at all times.

Project Resource

Different yet concurrent projects in the workplace frequently create peaks and troughs in workloads, and PTS Resourcing can provide the additional resources required to help any client to meet specific project objectives and deadlines. By their very nature, ad hoc projects require different skill-sets at different times, and organisations often find it more cost effective to fill project resource gaps on an as-needed basis. Whether a project demands a single, one-off capability, or a multi-skilled team of consultants, PTS Resourcing can help find the right blend of talent and ability to complete all the necessary work on time and within budget.