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Having weathered recent global financial challenges, there is a positive outlook for business in Canada. Major Canadian corporations in financial services, TMT, Engineering and Construction industries continue to grow. Toronto is a world leader, particularly in financial services, having held the title for having the safest banking system in the world six years in a row, and is seeing rapid growth in office real estate development.
Taking advantage of the opportunities afforded in the current market climate will be a challenge. High Real Estate costs place pressure on businesses across all sectors to simultaneously reduce costs and offer innovative, inspiring office spaces to a workforce increasingly comprised of millennials who demand the latest in technology. Organisations relocating also struggle to work within demanding timeframes, and often find that full benefits aren’t realised because the technology requirements are considered far too late in the project.
Market pressures are also forcing organisations to rethink both their Data Centre footprint – moving out of expensive downtown locations – and the way that they procure services, with cloud outsourcing becoming a crucial consideration. Understanding the implications of such large transformations to the business operating model is complex; delivering the transformation programme even more so.
PTS can help clients in Canada to overcome the many technology challenges the face. Within the Built Environment, we work collaboratively with architects, interior designers and the whole professional team to ensure that technology is an integral element to any workplace transformation project. Our local experts in Data Centre strategic consulting and migration management draw on global experience to help organisations effect significant, positive change to their IT infrastructure needed to serve the business’s stakeholders more efficiently, reliably and responsibly.

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