Stars Accreditation

about stars

Data Centre providers, investors, tenants and owners worldwide all share a common interest; reassurance that their Data Centre infrastructure and services can deliver the target levels of availability and resilience. STARS, developed by PTS Consulting, is one of the leading global tools to address this need.

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The STARS system is an in-depth assessment tool for any operating Data Centre facility, regardless of age.  Assessing the operational management, mechanical and electrical systems and the physical IT infrastructure characteristics of the facility, STARS yields an independent, objective, repeatable and globally applicable rating. A STARS accreditation brings peace of mind to Data Centre owners, providers, tenants and investors alike.

STARS is designed to offer greater granularity than other rating systems. This attention to detail gives owners and the wider market greater understanding of the facility.

STARS Features

  • An independent, objective and globally consistent rating system
  • Absolute clarity and visibility over the redundancy, availability and scalability of each component system within the Data Centre
  • Suitability for both new and legacy Data Centre facilities, with all forms of infrastructure resilience
  • Invaluable gap analysis report to raise awareness of particular areas of strength and weakness
  • Graphical and tabular representation of STARS data to ensure that findings are easy to digest from a non-technical perspective  
  • Single Point of Failure analysis of major components to identify risks in advance of service outages  
  • STARS accreditation packages that are both attractive and affordable for public and private sector operators and buyers
  • A greater level of visibility of physical infrastructure design and availability for both buyers and investors
  • An independent STARS review and report that also supports the decision-making audit trail
  • High level insight into Total Cost of Ownership of facilities