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        KnowLegal Conference, Hampshire
        PTS Networking Event, Meet the PTS Board, Edinburgh
        DCD UK Roadshow, London
        Workplace 2011: PTS Roundtable, Edinburgh
        Workplace 2011: PTS Roundtable, Manchester
        Workplace 2011: PTS Roundtable, London
        DCD UK Roadshow, Edinburgh
        PTS Edinburgh Office Opening
        MIPIM 2011, Cannes
        UCISA 2011, Edinburgh
        CMA Focus Day, London
        Socitm 2010, Brighton
        UCISA Security Workshop, London
        Socitm UC and IP Workshop, Cambridge
        Paint IT Green, Hertfordshire
        Intellect G-Cloud Stakeholder Forum, London
        DCD Public Sector Roadshow, Manchester
        PTS Briefing: Next Generation DCs, Edinburgh
        MIPIM 2010, Cannes
        UCISA 2010, Harrogate
        Cleantech Forum, London
        MECOM, Abu Dhabi
        AFCOM DC World Expo, Nashville
        Destination London Seminar, Chicago
        Destination London Seminar, New York
        Green Grid Technical Forum, Santa Clara
        DCD Conference, Hong Kong
        CloudAsia 2011
    What's Your Need?
        I need to build a new Data Centre
        I need an IT Strategy, can you help?
        How do I migrate my business to a new office\building?
        We are looking for a more effective way of delivering projects
        I'm looking to compile a Disaster Recovery plan
        I need to move my Data Centre but have lost track of what is in there. How can I determine this and how can I    
        undertake a move and minimise risk?
        How is PTS really different from other recruitment businesses?
        I need to undertake one or a number of IT projects
        I'm interested in cloud, can someone explain it to me?
        What is an intelligent building and how can we get one?
        We need to upgrade our AV Facilities, how do we go about it?
        How do we accommodate touch down workers in our building?
        I need to make a key in-house technology hire
        I need day-to-day IT operational support
        I want to optimise my Data Centre energy consumption
        I've been tasked with appraising a new building from an IT perspective, how do I go about it?
        My project has gone awry - HELP!
        I want to improve the resiliency of my Data Centre
        Radical Workplaces seem out of reach of us as a mid-sized multi-site organisation
        I'm looking for a new contract role
        How do I manage a global deployment project?
        How can virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) reduce the TCO of my desktop estate?
        I want help with the management of my Network and Security Services
        I need to decide whether to build my own Data Centre or use a colocation provider
        What has been the value of the project?
        My Data Centre is out of space/power/cooling, is there anything I can do?
        We currently use an IT outsourcer, but are considering bringing some IT back in house
        I need help to Project Manage my Data Centre Migration
        Our technology teams are not operating effectively; there's a great deal of unhappiness
        I need Remote Monitoring
        I want to select a colocation service provider
        How do I get extra staff for my business / project quickly?
        I'm searching for Serviced Offices
        How can I sort out my department?
        Is virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) suitable for my organisation?
        I need some assistance with Project Governance
        I need expert assistance to acquire or invest into an existing operational Data Centre
        I have had a failure in my Data Centre and need to identify/eliminate the root cause
        I need to hire someone with a niche IT skill quickly
        Our project management is not working as well as it should or used to
        I need Helpdesk Support
        We need to identify the risks to the project/activity/organisation
        I need to audit my Data Centre
        I'm looking for a new permanent role
        I need to eliminate hot spots in my Data Centre
        We need some assistance with implementing change in our organisation
        We don't seem to work as well as we could or used to
        I need to identify single points of failure in my Data Centre
        Will consumerisation of workplace technology/bring your own technology have an impact upon my outsource
        What contract / permanent IT skills can you help me find for my business?
        I'm looking for Hosted Services
        We need to undertake a transformation
        Before we take on a new staff member what's the screening process?
        We're thinking of stopping a project, what is the best possible approach?
        We are not communicating with each other
        Is there an alternative approach to using tape to back up our data?
        I need to move people/departments within existing buildings
        What is the best way of establishing a global project?
        I need additional contract resources for my project
        I need to save money on my Data Centre operations
        I need staff for another office overseas - who can help?
        I'm looking for a project team - who can help me?
        Where do I go for information about market rates & intelligence?
        Who can I speak to for advice on my staffing needs?
        I am a colocation provider and I need to make my Data Centre ready to support cloud computing
        I am considering increasing my set-points in the Data Centre
        I need to benchmark my Data Centre portfolio
        I want Software or Desktop Support
        I've heard reference to Unified Computing Systems lately; what's it all about?
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