PTS Consulting®


Thomas Schonig


I was looking for a job, instead I found PTS. I graduated in May 2011, and attended the PTS Academy in the following September. As a recent graduate, I expected starting my career to be an arduous process over a few years. However, PTS is remarkably interested in my development and helping me achieve my potential. I returned to New York with a comprehensive knowledge of the business, the corporate culture, and where I fit into the company’s growth strategy – in addition to the practical skills I need to do my job well.

Since returning to New York, the company still amazes me. Though the New York and London offices have some important cultural differences, the environments are both distinctly PTS. They’re both full of exceptionally talented people, from masterful technologists to savvy business leaders, who collaborate effortlessly and are more than willing to help me with any and all questions. After only four months with PTS, I’m doing meaningful work with a direct impact on the business, and have a global network of experienced professionals that are accessible not only for technical questions, but also career advice and industry insights.

With PTS, I’ve accomplished in four months what I expected to take more than a year. Rather than feeling subordinate to my employer, PTS has ensured that I’ve begun my career from an empowered position. I’ve always been dedicated to learning and a hard worker, and PTS has provided the ideal environment to maximise my personal and professional growth.