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The Interface between Real Estate, IT and the Business

Whether you are planning a complete corporate relocation or a major reorganisation of your existing office space, PTS has the experience and the expertise to guide you through the most challenging projects. 


Understanding your business drivers and acting as the interface between your Real Estate and IT teams, PTS will ensure that the IT infrastructure requirements of the new built environment are effectively communicated to the Professional Team and integrated seamlessly into the overall project programme. This includes requirements for space, power, cooling, fire protection and security – all of which will be independently benchmarked from industry peer groups.

Also, it is essential at the earliest stages to consider AV/Multimedia requirements, new ways of working, technology advances and new legislation, as these factors will influence the overall scheme design. PTS has the creative thinking and expertise to help clients redesign their work spaces, using the latest technologies and collaboration tools to maximise worker productivity and well-being.

In parallel with this design process, PTS is able to bring its technical know-how to help our clients revisit their IT strategy. Inevitably, this will involve value engineering to account for global strategies, vendor specific alliances and legacy systems. Where new equipment and services are required, PTS can leverage its industry profile in the procurement process, ensuring that the best pricing is secured for our clients.

On completion of Scheme Design and the procurement cycle, PTS' experienced Project Managers will deliver your project on time and within budget.

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