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Dominated by financial institutions, New York City is the largest office market in the United States, with 490m sq. ft. of commercial space. The office inventory in Manhattan, the heart of the market, is greater than the next five largest U.S. markets combined and features some of the world’s most iconic buildings. Over the last decade, the New York City economy has evolved into the fastest-growing technology start-up ecosystem in the country, ranking second behind Silicon Valley. Combined with the increasing concentration of media, entertainment, and publishing companies, this economic shift has impacted the types of commercial spaces required to meet the needs of these sectors. The increased focus on workplace innovation has fueled the demand for fully integrated creative spaces and collaborative environments, transforming the features included in a typical office space layout.
With its influx of high-growth industries, solid commercial infrastructure, and rapid commercial development of nearby regions, New York City is a premier market not only for the United States but for the world.

PTS New York was established in 2003 and is the largest office in the Americas region. Our New York team is comprised of Consultants who have developed expertise and refined their skills over many years of involvement in large-scale local engagements. By remaining abreast of market and industry trends, we actively seek to integrate the most current technology offerings into our projects. PTS’s unique approach reflects best practices gathered from both local and global engagements, our vast knowledge of emerging technologies, and our deep understanding of the New York City market.

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