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Preserving Scotland’s international reputation as a thriving, diverse economy, with Edinburgh as the number two financial centre in the UK, is of great importance to the Scottish government; it has set the objective of becoming a world class digital nation by 2020.
Businesses in Scotland have similar ambitions. Organisations need to leverage the latest developments in technology to improve customer engagement, improve innovation and productivity and remain competitive. Navigating through this technological change is complex, even more so with a significant shortage in IT skills in Scotland.
Through world class Technology Consulting and Resourcing solutions, PTS Consulting can help address these challenges both in the long and short term, ensuring that an organisation is able to remain innovative, agile and competitive. Scotland has long been an area of significant strategic focus for PTS having opened its first office in Edinburgh in 2009. Located in the heart of the Scottish capital, PTS has been delivering world class IT Consulting and Project Management to Scotland and the North East region and has a well-established client base with key clients in the banking and finance, education and local government sectors.

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